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Ryan St. Onge of the US practices ahead of the men's Freestyle Skiing
France's Marie Laure Brunet competes in the women's Biathlon 4x6 km relay
A young girl peers through a hole to have her picture taken at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
A skier competes during the Alpine Skiing Men's Super Combined Downhill
Italy's Peter Fill falls during the men's Super-G race at Whistler Creek
Joannie Rochette cries after performing in the Ladies' Figure Skating Short Program in Vancouver
Players face off during the ice hockey men's quarter final game between USA and Switzerland
Anja Huber of Germany celebrates winning the bronze medal in the women's Skeleton final
The start of the women's 12,5 km biathlon
Jon Montgomery of Canada celebrates after he won the gold medal in the men's skeleton
Tom Daley (diver)
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